best partnership act summary notes

Chapter 3 The Indian Partnership 1932 Introduction: Various form of business. In partnership two or more person hence misunderstanding may arise. No single person is responsible. To control rights and duties of partners, partnership and person dealing, above act is required. It is a branch of agency, it means every partners is a general agent […]

contract act best summary notes

  Contract Act Introduction Business law is wider than Mercantile and Commercial laws. It is divided in Contract, Sale, Agency, Bailment, Negotiable Instrument, and partnership. It’s origin is in English law with some changes. It control to trade and commerce. In daily life we are entering infinite contracts. Since morning to night – newspaper, to eat […]

sale of goods ca foundation or cpt summary

Chapter 2 sale of goods Introduction: Included in chapter vii of Indian contract act 1872. Came into force 01.07.1930. Sale of goods silent, contract act will be applicable – capacity of contract etc. It applies to goods only. Mortgage, pledge, actionable claim and immovable property – transfer of property act apply. Chapter 1 formation of contract […]