Completion of Offer and Acceptance

Offer /proposal – both are used interchangeably

  • One person show his intention
  • Obtaining the assent of others
  • Do or not to do an act
  • One person show his intention
  • Obtaining the assent of others
  • Do or not to do an act

Mere intention is not sufficient.

I want to marry is not an offer.

Do you want to marry with me is an offer.

Hence for obtaining assent of others is required in offer.

Person who makes the offer is an offeror.

Person to whom offer is made is an offeree.

Person who accept the offer is known as acceptor or promisee.


Types of offers

General offer made to public- anyone can accept by doing desired act.

Performance of the condition is an acceptance of the offer.

A Damayanti’s swayamvara. Sita’s swayamvara. Or dropadi swaymvara

  1. Advertisement in newspaper for missing person
  2. influenza by using medicines


  1. Special offer – definite person. A offers to b then only B can accept. Marriage bio data.


  • cross offer – two offers similarly to each other without listening to other. One’s offer is not acceptance of other. Example : message from both party in mobile on way due to no coverage.


  • Counter offer : offeree adds certain conditions in original offer. It is rejection of original offer. – vegetable market, negotiation, bargaining.


A offers to B for purchase of his dog at Rs. 100. B replies if u ready to purchase my cat at Rs. 60. I will purchase your dog at Rs. 100.


  • Standing offer : such offer can be accepted within period of time. Government and company tenders, registration form, exam form are example of standing offer. These are required to fill within given time.




Completion of Offer and Acceptance CA FOUNDATION LAW


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